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Shower Steamer Singles

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Our best-selling shower steamers are a signature blend of menthol and essentials oils to create a spa-like experience in your shower. Ornate detailing in design makes these especially great for gifting!

When taking a shower, place anywhere the water will hit it gently (we recommend the shower floor away from the drain). As the water hits the shower steamer, it will activate similar to a bath bomb, and create an out-of-this-world experience right at home. 


Breathe In, Breathe Out - clear your mind and your senses with a blend of eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils.
Ends of the Earth - center yourself with soothing, grounding sandalwood essential oil 
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - get going with this blend of orange and eucalyptus essential oils
Rocks Tonic Juice Magic - clear your head and soothe your soul with this blend of lemon and rosemary essential oils
Dream Weaver - release stress and let your cares drift away with calming lavender essential oil


Suggested Use

Place directly on shower floor and allow water to hit and activate your steamer. We recommend adding it while your water warms up so you can step directly into a spa-like experience.

Ingredients & Allergy Info

sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, rice bran oil, essential oil, menthol crystals, cream of tartar, kaolin clay, polysorbate 80, synthetic fluorphlogopite


Use only as directed. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision. Not for consumption. 

*Note: this is not a bath bomb. The ingredients in this are highly concentrated, and are not safe to use directly on the skin, in the bathtub, or on children.