Our Story

Supermoon Beauty Co. was born out of a love of the bath time ritual before tucking my daughter into bed at night. It’s a time to connect, to calm, to have fun, to relax, and to just press pause and wash away the day. The first bath bomb I ever used in the tub with her was such a magical experience; seeing her eyes light up and then try to “save” it along the edge for the next time. I’ve always loved baths and taking the time to let my thoughts float into space and suspend life for a moment whenever I can. To see my daughter’s delight at the fizz during our nightly ritual really brought me a new sense of joy. 

Since she has always had fairly sensitive skin, I wanted to ensure that I always knew what was going into the tub. I wanted a simple list of ingredients, while still maintaining the magic of the experience as a whole. I feel passionate that everyone deserves to have a slice of something special in their daily life; whether it’s an hour long soak alone, part of bedtime routine for your little ones, or even just a quick five minute shower before heading to work.

Supermoon Beauty Co. was born from my desire for simple ingredients and the experience of making the ordinary into something out of this world.

I hand make every product in our inventory, using simple ingredients to create an experience that elevates the everyday routine. Each ingredient is sourced from trusted wholesale suppliers and small businesses. Every product is made by hand with love and intention to create an out of this world experience in your everyday life. We make things we want to buy.

I hope these bring as much joy to you as they do to me.